Pastors Ken & Annie Schisler
Annie was born in Argentina, the unwanted baby of an single high school student. She grew up under the care of the kind mid-wife, who delivered her and then adopted her. As Annie came into into her late teens, she begin to experience a mysterious emotional and physical malady. Her step-mother sought medical and psychiatric help, spending a small fortune in the process. When everything else failed, she resorted to various witch doctors  and spiritists. Annie's condition only grew worse as she begin university studies as well as pursuing an acting career.
Finally a relative of the family persuaded Annie to attend her first evangelical meeting in a church where Pastor R. Edward Miller was ministering. In a sovereign way, God reached out to her and begin a work that was to culminate in an amazing transformation in her life. Finally, following the Lord's specific directives, Bro. Miller took Annie into his own home as an adopted daughter. In the chapel of the Peniel Bible School in Mar del Plata, God completed the process of deliverance, bringing her into a full experience of the new birth and the baptism of of the Holy Ghost. Soon after she experienced a dramatic healing of the cancer in her stomach.
From the very beginning, Annie was distinctly marked with a deep love for Jesus and an intense desire to seek His face. Consequently, God begin to reveal Himself and the heaven-lies through visions given during her prayer times. These revelations were chronicled in book form (Visions) and have become a source of blessing and inspiration to many Christians everywhere.
Ken was born in Borneo, the son of missionary parents. God sovereignly kept him alive despite having been born with malaria as well as being affected with various other sicknesses. After a few years in the States his parents took the family to Argentina, where his father became associated with R. Edward Miller and the move of God taking place there. Shortly following, Ken experienced his first real encounter with God, being baptized with the Holy Ghost at the age of 11.
Notwithstanding a period of turmoil and rebellion during his teen years, God faithfully kept and led him on. After an earth shaking encounter with the Lord in Peniel Bible School in the city of Mar del Plata, Ken felt called to remain there as a student. What followed were two years of being directly exposed to the glory and holiness of God as he had never seen or imagined before. The sense of God's Presence was awesome and overpowering. Many were the sacred moments spent in deep brokenness, surrender, and worship at His feet.
In such an atmosphere, Annie and Ken met and married in the Peniel Bible School in Argentina in 1971. Following this God led them to the States for a time of ministerial exposure - also visiting Australia, Canada, among other places.
 Later they returned to South America to put in 3 years of missionary duty in Paraguay. Finally they ended up in the present field of Uruguay.
Too many to be shared are the instances of God's sovereign, faithful, and merciful workings in their lives over the past 28 years of work in the ministry. Out of their union, Jonathan (34), Samara (32), David (26), and Brian(20) were born. Their daughter, Samara, now married, resides in the United States. Their sons presently assist in various areas of the ministry. The eldest has taken a leadership role in the outreach mission as well as ministering in music and co-pastoring in the main church.
About Uruguay
Uruguay is about the size of the state of North Dakota, making it one of the smallest countries in the world. It has a population of around 3 million, half of that concentrated in the capitol city of Montevideo and the rest scattered throughout the cities, towns, and villages of the other 18 departments or counties.
Despite boasting the first evangelical church in South America, founded by followers of the French reformer Waldo in the in the mid 1500's, Uruguay has been characterized as being one of the most difficult and unproductive fields for the Gospel. Present statistics show only 2% of the population as being evangelical Christians.
One of the reasons has been the strong influence and predominance of secular humanism from the first half of the century until the present, which did much to shape, with it's atheistic and materialistic philosophy, a strong indifference and lack of God consciousness in the Uruguayan people. Around 30% of the people openly profess atheism or agnosticism.
Added to that formidable spiritual stronghold is the growth and involvement of the occult in thousands of Uruguayan families. Most new converts require deliverance from demonic bondage, usually due to the influence or practice of witchcraft. In the last 5 to 10 years there has also been a strong influx of drug use and addiction among the young people throughout the entire country. If you would like to access more information related to this South American country (Click Here).
About the Peniel work in Uruguay
Notwithstanding the intimidating spiritual strongholds, the Lord has given a definite toe hold in this land through the insistence of prayer, spiritual warfare, faith, obedience, and simply loving and serving Him to the best of our abilities. From very small beginnings, we have progressed to a growing congregation of over 400 people.
In addition to a Sunday School work of some 400 children, we have two separate Bible Homes for single young men as well as for young women - providing an environment of loving discipline and training in the Christian walk. The Lord graciously and miraculously provided for our own church building, brought to completion after 5 years of sacrifice and work, in 1993. (Today this building is inadequate to accommodate the growth, so we are looking to build a new sanctuary)
In addition to the ministry in the central church, during the last 5 years we have expanded into an outreach mission covering 4 towns of the interior. Multiple opportunities are afforded to our ministry team to proclaim the message of salvation, deliverance, and healing to many a sin sick heart. We've witnessed scores of miracles in the realm of physical and inner healing, as well as many deliverance's from demons and from drug addiction.
Crowds of up to 3,000 people have attended special presentations of the Gospel in the town squares or central plazas. Our vision and burden Our heart cry and purpose has been to share the reality of Jesus, as well as bring people into a living, vital relationship with Him through exposure to His manifested Presence.  This involves laying the ground-work through prayer and careful obedience to His directions and seeking His anointing, and last but not least, relying heavily on His grace!
An ample portion of the time in our services is spent in worship and giving opportunity for a full response to the Holy Spirit, as well as allowing Him to work and deal in the heart. We believe that as God "works in" we can then "work out our salvation" in every phase of experience, whether it be in worship, warfare, or our walk. Ultimately, our goal is to "make ready the way of the Lord" for His final, glorious coming!                                                                       
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