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Efrain Mendoza is a graduate of the Centro Cristiano del Centro (2003), in San Luis Potosí.

His family is made up of his wife, Yuridia, and his two children, Jael, and Allisson.

Our brother and his wife are originally from Oaxaca, and five years ago, seeing the need to begin a work for our God in their community, decided to take his house and prepare it to start what is now the church of Christ in the Lomas de Satellite, in San Luis Potosí.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that it has been 5 years since the work began in this town, our brother Efraín has not had much progress since he and his wife have had to take care of their needs as a home, since they have to cover their expenses as a family and apart from paying the rent of their house, the place they designate for the work in this locality.

Our brother Ephraim, needs your financial support to be able to dedicate more time to the work of preaching and the establishment of this church.

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