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Felipe de Jesús Barajas Jiménez.

The Brother Felipe is a graduate of the Colegio Bíblico, Piedras Negras campus, Coahuila. His studies as a Bachelor of Theology, in 2014.

Her family consists of: Noemí Ávila, and her two daughters, Samantha and Fernanda.

Originally from Guadalajara, he currently serves with Brother Juan Lizárraga, in the church they are starting in San Andrés Cholula, in Puebla.

The church in San Andrés Cholula, has just started 3 years, and the work is still being done as the brothers Felipe and Juan strive to carry out the work entrusted to them.

Our brother Felipe, needs your financial support to continue doing the work and dedicate 100% to achieve the work more effectively in this town.

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To know more about the work that Brother Felipe does, and Brother Juan Lizárraga, you can see it on this  Fecebook page.