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Our brother Jaime Vázquez, is a brother who was rescued from the church movement known as "Jesus only", or else, the "name" churches, historically belong to the uncitarian movement.

Brother Jaime, after having received certain Bible classes at the ICY, now UPB, understood the importance of baptism for the forgiveness of sins, the only biblical baptism, and descended to the baptismal waters on March 28, 2005, and from hence he has dedicated his efforts to preach the biblical gospel.

He began the congregation in which he now preaches in the Colony of Carmen, and apart is starting another one in the town of Estipac, on the outskirts of the city.

Unfortunately, Brother Jaime has stopped attending the first congregation where he began in the Carmen neighborhood, due to lack of financial resources to support his family, and now he only serves the congregation that is starting in Estipac, Jalisco, just outside of the city of Guadalajara.

Brother Jaime needs your financial support to dedicate his time to establish the congregations and to establish what God has put in his hand in the work of preaching.

You can contact Brother Jaime by sending a message to his facebook