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Brother Juan has been a man who has sought to glorify God, carrying the word of God in many places of Jalisco, unfortunately he had received equivocal teachings and one of them was the main thing, the seed he had received and the one he published.

On Sunday, April 23, 2017, John and his wife descended to the baptismal waters, to receive forgiveness of their sins.

John has started a new congregation where he is now teaching and preaching the biblical gospel and continues to grow steadily.

The congregation is in one of the neighborhoods near El Verde, a town on the edge of the city.

Our brother Juan needs your financial support to be able to dedicate enough time so that the congregation in this locality can grow and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ reaches more people.

To know about the needs of the brother and to be able to supply them, you can get in touch with the face to face ministry, since he does not have any social means to contact him.

You can also contact him, his wife's facebook, hna. Gaby.