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If you want to help this ministry, and become a support for some of the preachers, here is what you can do:

  • If you want to personally and individually support one of the preachers, you must commit to contribute your help every month for 3 years.

  • If you want to support the ministry with the help of the local church where you meet, you must make a commitment to provide assistance for 3 years.

  • If you want to help a preacher but you can not do it for the full 3 years, you can write to the preacher and tell him how long you will help him.

The goal is for the preacher to have enough support for three years to allow him to work and dedicate himself to the work in the Lord, and at the end of these three years, the preacher has a church that can directly support him, so that the support received by the face to face ministry, can be passed to another preacher who needs.

The UPB Masters also need support. If you want to support them, you should write to the UPB contact and let them know that the contribution will be for the teachers.

The sustenance for the teachers is different in time, since they will not stop teaching and training the leaders.

The economic proposal that we are seeking for each preacher is a maximum of $785 per month, so that he can meet his most basic needs and be able to count on his time to dedicate himself to the establishment and growth of the congregation that is beginning.

If you are interested and you can help a preacher through this ministry or whatever your capacity can do, go to the section "Choose" from this website and see each of the brothers proposed so far.

If you want to help one of the brothers or teachers, you can contact us directly or you can send your support to our brother Francis Nash, president of the Workers For Mexico Mission
Contact Brother Francis at the Workers For Mexico Mission website